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The Lab

The Lab

Flavert Media Lab is a digital media agency based in Malaysia, focusing on developing digital content across various devices. Our design teams committed to our line of work and importantly we enjoy what we do. Each project is carefully planned, organized and quality controlled to meet our client’s expectations. With strong idea and understanding the digital culture, we know how to help our clients to achieve their goals.

Our Launching Pad

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Our office is located at Cyberjaya in Multimedia University's Incubator under the guidance of Centre for Commercial and Technopreneur Development.

Cyberjaya is an intelligent city of Malaysia under the Multimedia Super Corridor program.

Our Vision

We believe in building a strong reputation for ourselves by working intelligently and smart will led us to be the best digital media agency in Malaysia and the region.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve the digital content industry focusing on local content through new media outlets. We also looking forward for partnership in other leaders in the fields.

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Here is some of our previous work.

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Our Research

Flavert Media Lab has gained reputation from several projects such as The Raise Project, al-Quran for PlayStation Portable and Winner of MDEC Malaysia Interactive Mobile Content Competition IPCC 2007 for a project called M-travelogue.

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We excel in designing and developing digital contents across various devices, our lab members have been involved with award winning concepts and visually compelling designs. Our main focus of operation are as follows

Web Development

We create highly polished and powerful web sites designed around your needs. In every work, we always take consideration on the loading time, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the usability to fit the needs of our clients. We are creating:

  • Full flash website
  • XHTML/CSS website
  • Wordpress themes
  • Content Management System (CMS)


We design and develop interesting and engaging interactive media content for establishments and assist them with cutting edge marketing and informational tools using Rich Media Contents to take the interactive experience to the next level. Our scope will be:

  • E-learning and Trainning
  • Kiosk application
  • Interactive CD

Mobile Content

We specialize in Mobile content using FlashLite to create information-based application, games or marketing applications to suit your ideas and reaching a broad range of customers.

  • Mobile magazine
  • Informative Application
  • Mobile game

Flash Game

We also create custom flash game either for online or offline that fit our clients need. Online flash game is a good medium to promote and give awareness on our clients service or products.

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Flavert Media Lab (794952-M)
MMU Cynergy Multimedia University,
Persiaran Multimedia,
63100, Cyberjaya,

Phone : +603 8312 5198 / +60 196158160
Fax : +603 8312 5744